The art of efficient order fulfillment .

We recommend bespoke packaging solutions to your process
according to the volume

0201 case reduced
by the Cubilette

Tray reduced and sealed
by the Progress machine

About Durrenberg

Unique know-how

We are specialists in automated packaging for order fulfillment and reduction of the transported cube, with expertise in diagnostics, design, and project management, plus a portfolio of equipment and services dedicated to this business.

Durrenberg assists B2B wholesalers and e-Commerce retailers in optimizing the packing process.

The Cubilette™, desktop
packaging equiment

Equipment to reduce the height of multi-footprint American cases (Fefco 0201, RSC)

For flows from 50 to 500
parcels per day

Refurbished automated packaging machines

Durrenberg refurbishes and adapts automated packaging machines and proposes them for warehousing automation projects

For flows greater
than 500 parcels per day

Automated packaging machines from Durrenberg

Closing machine ‘Progress’ with height reduction capability, for single or double footprint boxes

For flows greater
than 1000 parcels per day


We offer fixed ferm prices for the services.

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